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Who We Are

RxMedz is a HealthTech Co. with a vision to provide Telemedicine services with our own panel of Doctors and Pharmacists, with the ability to dispense the drugs directly from a vending machine.

RxMedz platform does not aim to duplicate all the services offered by clinic practitioners, instead we are focusing on common non-emergency illness with the needs for self-medication, with the convenience and accessibility considered as top priorities for our customers.

RxMedz also provides an end-to-end inventory management system and services that empowers doctors from clinics to navigate the evolving complexities of medicine management.

eMedi Dispenser - RxMedz State of the art medical vending machine

The demand for fever, cough and cold medications has soared at pharmacies, clinics and hospitals throughout the ASEAN region due to Covid19, Influenza and other common-cold related viruses. With the emergence of HealthTech and & Self-service Kiosk, it will further drive industry growth and the adoption of RxMedz’ platform


Allow Purchase And Collection Of Medication immediately without the need to visit a clinic or pharmacy


Remote consult with a doctor or a pharmacist 24*7

Carries both doctor-prescribed and pharmacist recommended drugs


Ability to issue Medical certificates by Doctors


We always have a story to tell, so check our eMedi Dispenser section and contact us if you need more information!

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The Power of 

At RxMedz, we’re on a singular mission. To transform inventory for better.

Ability to E-Prescribe anytime, anywhere, 24/7

Ability to select or choose consignment stocks during prescription

Ability to choose Last mile delivery to patients home if Clinic does not have stocks on hand

Ability to issue e-prescription to Patients to purchase drugs at Pharmacies

Filling Out Prescriptions
Our Technology

Our Technology

We Do Not compromise on Data Security.

We adopt secured data platform using Entrust SSL for Data in Transit and Microsoft SQL TDE for Data at Rest.

We are also DPass-Ready in terms of Data Protection compliance

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150 Kampong Ampat
#04-07 KA Centre
Singapore 368324

Co. Reg. 201825314K

Whatsapp us @ +6598615901

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