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Why RxMedz eMedi Dispenser?

Key Industry Drivers

The demand for fever, cough and cold medications has soared at pharmacies, clinics and hospitals throughout the ASEAN region due to Covid19, Influenza and other common-cold related viruses. With the emergence of HealthTech and & Self-service Kiosk, it will further drive industry growth and the adoption of RxMedz’ platform

Current pain points from the general public in visiting a clinic or a pharmacy:

- Long waiting time / Long Queue

- Limited operating hours of each clinic, hence driving traffic to hospitals A&E section

long waiting time in clinic

Covid 19 and other influencer-like viruses are here to stay for a long period of time, hence driving demand for cough & cold drugs

- Increased demand for self-medication
- Increased demand for self-service ART tests prior to travelling

Covid 19

Trends towards digitalisation in Healthcare:

- Emergence of HealthTech: Strong growth and rising awareness of digital trends such as telemedicine and kiosks machine
- Increasing openness of the general public towards medical self-service needs.

healthcare digitalization

Ageing population and rising demand for cold & cough drugs:

- Strong CAGR rate growth for cold & cough drugs across ASEAN (2023 – 2027)

aging population

We always have a story to tell, so check our eMedi Dispenser section and contact us if you need more information!

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RxMedz eMedi Dispenser focus on common ailments which can be self-medicated

Our target ailments category

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Cough & Cold






Muscle Related

skin related

Skin Related

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