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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is RxMedz Consignment model?

Consignment model is primarily to allow clinics a trouble-free inventory ordering (without the need to pay for it), storing (large quantities waiting for stocks to deplete to get back their principal + profits).

Do I need to pay upfront for Consigned goods, including logistic costs?

The model allows medicines to be dispensed at clinic (on site) or deliver to patient’s home. No transport charges for stocks at clinic but patient to pay for deliveries made to their homes.

Will these Consigned goods take up lots of spaces in my Clinic?

It will only be limited to 12 boxes per product (each strength).

Consignment FAQs: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the frequency of goods replenishment?

Stocks will be replenished at half of 12 boxes (ie 6 boxes) – a communication between our back-end Inventory Specialist and Clinic Purchaser will be carried out periodically.

What happens when the stocks are about to get expired?

It will be RxMedz responsibility to ensure it does not. If it does, it will be borne by RxMedz.

How does RxMedz invoice us?

Inventory Specialist’s team will conduct audit of stock balance and stock invoiced. Based on the agreed price and selling price, determine the profit to be invoiced to clinic.

Do we need to get all consigned products at one go?

The answer is No. Only if clinic uses and want to use our consignment stocks.

Consignment FAQs: FAQ
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