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The power of E-Prescription

Everything you Need to Know

the power of e-prescription

Favorites and Usual Directions

The e-prescription module is a learning module that adapts to each physician’s habits. After a very short period of use, the user will see their most prescribed drugs percolate to the top of the drug search screen. As a learning module, the e-prescription module also learns how each physician writes their directions. As they use the module, the prescription will be prefilled with their most common way of prescribing each drug.

the power of e-prescription

Drug Therapeutic Advisor

The e-prescription module provides the physician with real time interactions detection with drugs already in the patient profile. Redundant therapeutic treatment is also detected and notices are displayed to the doctor. Alerts are displayed in a noticeable yet unobtrusive way. The physician is made aware but left to ignore or act on each alert. Known patient allergies can be fed to the system so extra alerts can be displayed by the interaction system if the chosen molecule is later prescribed.

the power of e-prescription

Rx History

The e-prescription module tracks all prescriptions by all prescribing physicians and displays the drug list in chronological order. Active drugs can be displayed or a full medication history can also be displayed. Dispensed and remaining services are displayed in the history as well as at which pharmacy the eRx was sent.

the power of e-prescription


While writing a new prescription the prescribing physician can select an ICD-10 diagnostic to justify the prescription. The diagnostic is hidden to the patient and the pharmacist. It is only visible by the Tango staff using the Dashboard Module.



Maximising clinic performance.

branded generic.png

- Real Time visibility of profit margins during prescription

- Intelligent prescription tools to assist Doctors

- Smart messages from drug manufacturers to Doctors

- Drug-to-drug interactions advice and alerts to Doctors

improve cash flows

Improve Cash Flows

The Possibilities Are Endless

Do not need to pay upfront to source for your inventory, hence  reducing operational costs and improves cash-flow

Do not need to worry about expired-items, and shelf-life related issues, hence reducing inventory wastage

Consigned stocks can either be put on site in your clinic or in our storage facilities, extending your clinic storage capacity

reduce operating costs

Reduce Costs

Our Procurement capability

We have extensive reach of global networks capability for mass sourcing of drugs, hence reducing overall drug prices

We offer a wide range of choices of Drugs, both Branded and / or Generic.

refilling medications

Drugs Refill

Auto-reminders to Doctors to refill Patients drugs before full depletion. Patients can also request for drugs to be refilled using the Patient mobile apps without going to the clinic physically, including last mile delivery service

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