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Teleconsultancy Services



Consult with a Doctor or Pharmacist


Prescription of Medications


Order Summary and Payment


Dispensing of Medications


Collection of Medications

Customer to choose whether to consult with a Doctor or a Pharmacist

During consultation, the Doctor will prescribe, or Pharmacist will prescribe and recommend the necessary medications to help customers treat their existing health complaints or medical conditions. 

All prescribed or recommended medications will be shown on the order summary screen for customers to have full visibility of the medications and pricing. Upon confirmation with the prescriber, the vending machine system will guide the customer to proceed with payment.

Upon successful payment, the vending machine will start dispensing the medications one by one until completion. Payment receipts will then be sent to customers via email. 

The medication collection door will be opened for customers to collect their medications upon validation and approval from the Doctor or Pharmacist.

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